Established in 2000. Family members include father and son, John and Randy Schilling, and father and son Andy and Matthew Schilling. We are a greenhouse operation serving independent garden centers throughout the Midwest. We grow flower and vegetable transplants for home and garden, striving to select the best genetics in varieties introduced each year, as well as traditional favorites.

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10” 12” 14” Hanging Baskets
We excel at selecting the best varieties available to plant in our combination baskets. Our popular sun baskets include, but not limited to, flowers such as calibrachoa, verbena, petunia, bacopa, geraniums, lobelia and much more. Our exceptional shady area baskets include flowers such as begonias, coleus, fuchsia, and our single Boston fern hanging basket. Prices are competitive between $19 and $29.

Annual Bedding Plants (Flats – 48 Plants)
The most economical way to add color to your gardens. With a great price around $12, you can use the classic bedding plants such as: impatiens, marigolds, petunia, begonia, pansy, salvia, portulaca, coleus, verbena, dianthus, vinca, and many more. You can also find vegetable and herb plants this way to create your own backyard or container vegetable garden.

Small Pots
This category of plants has been our specialty since the beginning. A collection of the finest genetics and premium varieties that hit the market each year. Among our favorites, is the Proven Winners® brand, offering outstanding garden performance due to their drought and heat tolerant abilities and easy to care for plants that are always in style. The PW pots are sold individually, or sold in a 10-count tray with discounted pricing. Also available, the Nature’s Finest collection, produced not from seed but rather from parent plant material. This form of plant material is cutting edge-must have varieties for any gardener looking to plant something new and exciting.

4” Premium Vegetables and Herbs - Chef Jeff™ Collection
If your interests lie with fabulous vegetable gardening, look no further than our line of Chef Jeff™ edibles. This line offers the newest and best tasting varieties grown on plants with superior disease resistance.

4”to 5” Accent Plants
A popular way to add texture and foliage to your container gardens. Planting from this line will have you choosing plants like spikes, Ivy, vines, different varieties of ornamental grasses and much more. Perfect for creating your containers using the “THRILLER”, “FILLER” & “SPILLER” techniques. Ask one of our retail associates to assist you. They will be happy to help.

We'll have a large variety of Mums available up to our seasonal closing October 29th.

Looking for a garden that is more maintenance free? Perennials are for you. They come back year after year, and each variety offers a different time period of color. Enjoy these plants throughout the early spring, summer and into fall