Silverstone Gardens was established in the year 2000 as a result of farming brothers John and Andy Schilling along with John’s son, Randy Schilling.

After careful consideration, research and planning, they decided to venture into a new family business, separate from their fifth generation farming operation. The greenhouse apprenticeship started in 1999, with ground breaking in the summer of 2000. As Silverstone Gardens grew in size and business, farming slowed down due to demands of time needed at the greenhouse.

In 2008, Andy’s son Matt, entered the business as a partner after working as an employee for three years. For many years, Barb (Schilling) Deja and Debbie Schilling, managed the retail portion of the greenhouse. At this time, much of the farm was rented out to neighbors, and finally in 2013, the farms were sold. In 2016, Andy’s Daughter Amanda, started working in the office along the side of John’s wife, Charlene Schilling, who has been a valuable member since the beginning.

We couldn’t produce our final product without the teamwork of our hardworking and dedicated crew, who are willing to put in the hours needed to accomplish any task at hand.” -Andy Schilling

We are truly blessed to have shared the ups and downs on this journey, making memories and friends along the way.” -John Schilling

Growing up as kids on a farm, you come to realize how special that was and how hard work and discipline make you who you are today. Silverstone Gardens strives to shape and encourage today’s generation of future gardeners, by educating and inspiring them, providing them with a special place of their own…Silverstone Gardens Kids Corner. Here you will find fun and resourceful information just for them. Planting something and then watching it grow, instills a sense of pride, responsibility and accomplishment-so kids, keep playing in the dirt. It’s all worth it!

We are proud to have served this community, and we thank all of our customers who have supported us throughout the years.” -Randy Schilling

Every spring, from mid- April to mid- July, the retail opens to the public. The friendly and knowledgeable retail associates are there to assist you with all your garden needs. They are open Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Silverstone Gardens is still operating as a family business today and has expanded into one of the area’s largest wholesale/retail greenhouse plant sales companies in the area.